Interview with Leighton Gouveia: A great friend, and completely random seventh grader


7th grader, Leighton Gouveia

William Kelleher, Junior High Staff Writer

Leighton Gouveia has been a good friend of mine since the fourth grade. Since then, Leighton and I have been in pretty much every class together since then. He also is one of many great Boy Scouts from Troop 482. Today I will be interviewing Leighton on how his school and extracurricular life has changed after graduation.

WK: How has your routine changed now from your routine at John Lewis Childs School?

LG: Since COVID I get up later than usual and we change classes in six minutes.

WK: How has the amount of homework changed?

LG: We have less homework than JLCS. Sometimes we would have a lot of homework, but most of the time we would just have one assignment.

WK: Did the time you left for your commute to FPM change drastically from the time you left to go to JLC? If so, how many more or less minutes are in your commute now than in JLCS?

LG: More minutes like 5 to 10 more minutes because I live on the Northside of Jericho.

WK: After the first few months of school, what classes do you like the best, from favorite to least favorite, lunch not included?


    1.  Math
    2.  Ela 
    3.  SS 
    4.  French
    5.  Health
    6.  Science
    7.  Gym
    8.  Chorus

WK: What are you most excited about in FPM?

LG: I’m excited when the sports will come back and lunch… who isn’t excited for lunch.

WK: Did you have to drop out of any of your extracurricular activities when starting in FPM?

LG: No I just made it work by working harder.

WK: Is there anything that you reviewed from last school year in any of your classes?

LG: We reviewed fractions, the periodic table, and the Maya, Aztec, and Inca

WK: What clubs did you join, if any?

LG: I didn’t join any this year but next year I will.

WK: Are you going to play sports?

LG: Of course I will play football, soccer and basketball

WK: Is there anything in JLC that isn’t in FPM that you miss?

LG: No everything is still here.

As you can see, Leighton Gouveia’s life has changed a bit since graduation from John Lewis Childs School.