Say No To The Sweater!

Fashion club sponsors ugly sweater contest fundraiser during the holiday season


Michelle Lee, Senior Staff Writer

So when is the only time that wearing ugly sweaters is acceptable?

Yep. You guessed it. Only during Christmas time.

This year, Floral Park Memorial’s fashion club, Sartorial, wanted to do make a loud statement that would “ring in the holiday cheer.” In November, Ms. D’Ammassa and Ms.Murphy, the faculty advisors of Sartorial, came up with the idea for a fundraiser that incorporated the holidays and clothing. Together they decided to organize a “Holiday Ugly Sweater Contest.”

On December 22nd, over 50 members of the faculty and staff arrived to school in their ugliest Christmas sweaters. Designs ranged from classic Christmas characters to pom-poms and lights. To pick a winner, the Sartorial members circulated the halls and classrooms throughout the day to rate the sweaters on a scale of one to ten, with one being the least ugly and ten being the “best” ugly sweater. The outcome was amazing and it was fun to see the staff in its most crazy and festive outfits.

“The Holiday Ugly Sweater Contest was such a success and we’re so thankful to all of the faculty and staff who participated whether in donations or by participating,” said Ms. D’Ammassa, who also participated in the contest. “I was approached by several staff members commending the club on a great idea and successful outcome.”

Ms. D’Ammassa hopes to see battery operated sweaters during next year’s contest. So the staff better step up its game. Not only did the staff enjoy the contest, but the students did as well. Katherine Chew, the Vice President of Sartorial, thought it displayed the school’s holiday spirit and was “a great way to put Sartorial out there.” Although it was difficult to choose, Mrs. Francis, a teacher in the Social Studies Department, was voted the “winner.”

All of the students in the Sartorial club were extremely appreciative of everyone who participated and contributed to the fundraiser. They hope to get even more people involved for future events.