A Club For Everyone

Junior high staff writer Jake Torres illustrates some of the many extracurricular activities for students at FPM


Students attend club fair to learn about extracurricular activities at FPM.

Jake Torres, Junior High Staff Writer

Even though we spend about seven hours each day in class, the experience that students get in extracurricular activities can often be far more helpful for our futures. If you want to improve your college application, or just find the right club in order to meet people and develop relationships, here are ten clubs at Floral Park Memorial that can give you that valuable experience you are searching for. In a later article, I will look at other clubs at FPM.

The Shield – The Student Newspaper

The Shield is a newspaper club that allows you to write about any school-related topic. You can write articles about student life, sports, teachers or even school events. But you aren’t limited to school-specific material. Students can explore politics, add opinion pieces, or discuss cultural topics such as music, movies, literature and television. Some students think that the club is only for students who want to write, but The Shield is always looking for photographers and wants to add video journalism as well. This club is available to students in grades 7 to 12, and the advisors are Mr. Simone (social studies) and Mr. Pugliese (English).

Drama Club/Musical and Stage Crew

If you are someone who likes to get out on stage, then the drama club might be your choice. Even if you don’t want to be completely in the front, stage crew is another option. Last year, students performed Up the Down Staircase and Shrek the Musical. This year, the drama club is performing The Man Who Came to Dinner while the musical is Mamma Mia. This gives students the opportunity to learn about theatre and enjoy the thrill of performing in front of an audience. The drama club is advised by Mrs. Bellinger and Ms. Hayden (both in the English Department). The musical will be directed by Mr. Smykowski (music). Students from all grades are permitted to join.

Culture Club

Have you ever wondered how different the customs and traditions are in different countries? This club educates students about cultural diversity. There is no question that joining this club will help students to better understand various locations when they travel, or just be more knowledgeable about cultural differences in our own communities. It can also help when studying foreign language in school. The advisor for the club is Ms. Rafiq (business). Once again, all grades are welcome to join. 

Creative Writing Club

This club is focused on providing skills for students, as well as inspiring them to create a story. They have fun activities to build up your confidence. The Creative Writing Showcase will give you the opportunity to show these works of art to your family and friends. The advisor is Mr. Demmers. All students are allowed to join.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

SADD allows students to make a difference in their community. SADD promotes staying safe and making healthy decisions.  You can inform the school about bad and destructive decisions as well. The advisor for the club is Ms. LoRusso-Murray, and all grades can join.

Student Council

Student Council is a club that many students use to enhance their college applications. It allows you to make positive decisions to improve all aspects of the school. It also helps sharpen you leadership skills, which will be beneficial in the future. All students can join Student Council, and Ms. C. Faggioni is the advisor.

Photography Club

Photography club is a great way to improve your skills in this growing and diversifying field. In photography club, you can work on projects, and go to locations to take pictures. Photography club is available for people in 8th grade and above. Ms. Papajohn-Shaw is the advisor of the club, and can be reached by her email, [email protected]

Retail Club

9th through 12th graders are allowed to join the Retail Club. The Retail Club allows you to sell school supplies, and gives you valuable business experience. You can learn how to handle money, and how to sell to a customer. Ms. Abbott is the teacher of the club.


Athletics at Floral Park Memorial is a big part of student life. Sports provide an opportunity to develop individual and team skills for students. We have teams on the junior high, junior varsity and varsity level in football, soccer, volleyball, golf, tennis, basketball, baseball, softball, field hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, lacrosse, track, cross country and cheerleading. While some of the most talented athletes may receive a scholarship, most students play for the love the game and the desire to compete against other schools. 


The Music Department is very dedicated to students who want to play an instrument or sing in front of an audience. Students can be in chorus, orchestra, band, or the marching band. They can perform for the school several times during the year. The more advanced singers can join groups such as the Long Island Sounds.

Research shows that students who get involved in extracurricular clubs do better in school. So find a group that you are interested in and have some fun.