7th grade reflection


Seventh Grade holds many opportunities and challenges. New responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges can make school confusing. Other seventh graders have said that finding classes was difficult. This is just one more responsibility that you are given when you start middle school. More subjects, and harder classes mean we have to learn to study efficiently. In elementary school I could procrastinate anything and still get a good grade but I can’t do that here. I believe that the hardest part of starting middle school is that you’re doing more things alone. Feeling alone makes middle school difficult and we are going through many different changes like moving schools and sometimes losing friends. In this school we start to grow more and this can mean we lose friendships. With us growing siblings could also be growing and those relationships could be changing too. Social lives in seventh grade can be hard to navigate and feeling alone is common. However this can also lead to meeting new people and creating new friendships. While middle school is difficult it holds many opportunities. With clubs, sports, and new people, seventh graders have more opportunities to gain and grow interest from clubs and sports and to make new friends and meet new people with the increase of people in the school.