Model UN Takes on Boston


Giuliana DePaola, Staff Writer

On February 9, the FPM Model United Nations team went to Boston for the BOSMUN 2023 conference. Each member of the team took the role of a country, and debated current global issues with representatives from other schools. While some students debated ways to solve food insecurity and eradicate hunger, others worked on solutions to eliminate illegal drug networks and counterfeit medication. Another member collaborated to stop the spread of disease and indigenous food insecurity. The team researched and solved these issues through the eyes of representatives from St. Kitts and Nevis, Central African Republic and Australia. After four days of debate and months of preparation, the team came home with six wins. Senior Emerson Lucatorto won Honorable Delegate in the Rise of the Red Lotus committee. Juniors John DiMeo, Jaylin Galvan and Olivia Yee all won Honorable Delegate in the JCC, COP 28 and UNCSW committees, respectively. Lastly, freshmen Chloe LaVaute and Nico Mathew won Honorable Delegate in their respective UNODC and OAS committees. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the hard work of Mrs. Francis, as the supervisor for the team. The Model UN team is now in preparation for the SIDMUN conference, which will be hosted in FPM in a few weeks.