PS I Love You Day


Sam Ambrose, Staff Writer

Floral Park Memorial, along with many other Long Island schools, recently participated in P.S. I love you Day. P.S. I love you day was created to bring awareness to bullying and mental health. West Islip family, the DiPalma’s, suffered the loss of Joseph DiPalma, father of Brooke and Jaimie DiPalma. Joseph DiPalma died by suicide in April of 2010. Around this time a teenager in the West Islip community had also died by suicide. With both these tragedies, Brooke DiPalma created P.S. I love you day to spread love and kindness. P.S. I love you day is celebrated the second Friday every February each year. This year’s theme was “Love all your chapters” to “remind us that each moment in life creates our story.”