OTE Takes the World by Storm


Ryan Tanwar, Staff Writer

The new OTE League has taken the social media world by storm and gives an opportunity to high school prospects to showcase their talents. Founded by the media company Overtime, which has amassed over 50 million followers on various social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook in just 4 years of the company’s existence. Overtime is now worth over $250 million dollars and averages over 1.7 billion views per month.

OTE has earned investments totaling over $80 million dollars from Jeff Bezos’ investment firm, hip hop artist Drake, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and several NBA players such as Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Trae Young. Overtime has also signed “multiyear, multimillion- dollar” sponsorship agreements with Gatorade and Statefarm,

OTE targeted their recruiting to the top ranked players from ages 16 – 18 who were willing to “forfeit their remaining high school eligibility and future college eligibility.” These recruits were also guaranteed a salary of $100,000 dollars for the season, the league plans to compensate players through “bonuses, equity in Overtime and revenues from a player’s name, image and likeness.” OTE will also provide full health care benefits and will offer players an additional $100,000 dollars for players to use towards college tuition if the player chooses not to play in the NBA or other professional leagues.

OTE has succeeded in persuading the top high school recruits and acquired a 30 man roster of players from all around the world. These recruits are highlighted by Dominick Barlow who is the number one recruit out of New Jersey for the class of 2022, Bryson Warren who is the number three recruit out of Missouri for the class of 2023 and Kok Yat who is a top ten recruit out of Georgia for the class of 2021.

Overtime has also taken measures to ensure their players will be well educated and prepared for the future. Players will be educated through “Xceed prep” which will provide them with the resources to excel in their classes. Overtime has also dedicated itself to hire every player an “academic mentor.” Mentors will check in weekly with players to help set goals throughout the week. Players will also undergo a life skills curriculum, OTE’s goal is to “ensure that our athletes leave OTE with the tools and skills needed to lead meaningful and sustained careers in professional basketball as well as the ability to create a pathway forward after their time as professional athletes.” Players will receive training in careers such as Financial literacy and mental health and wellness. OTE is also offering athletes to earn up to 12 college credits each year through their partnership with Xceed prep, which will offer dual enrollment through the University of Pittsburgh.

Overtime provides a trustful and genuine separate path for high school athletes who rather skip the college experience in route to play in the NBA.