Ecology Club Collects 200lbs. At Beach Cleap-up

Danielle Ashbahian, Staff Writer

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FPM’s Ecology Club participated in the International Beach Clean-up on Saturday, September 19, 2015. Twenty-three students set out from FPM at 9AM, lead by Mrs. Mamo, Ecology Club Adviser and Environmental Science Teacher. The day was spent traversing Zach’s Bay at Jones Beach in search of washed-up garbage and wood. After about two hours, 38 lbs of garbage, 118 lbs of wood, and 43 lbs of unusual things were collected. A majority of the garbage that we found were plastic bottle caps, firecrackers, and food wrappers. We also collected some foam, broken glass, beer cans, plastic bags, and water bottles. We also came across some more unusual things, such as a hat, boogie board, and a fly swatter. Take a look at the Ecology Club display case to see more. Join the Ecology Club and come next year to the Beach Clean-up!