Kicking All The Way To A Championship

Floral Park Memorial's Kickline Receives First Place Award

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Kicking All The Way To A Championship

Sarah Chimera, Staff Writer

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The Floral Park Memorial Kickline was not about to let the blizzard of 2016 get in the way of achieving one of its goals this year.

After what seemed to be a series of unfortunate events, the Florettes brought home the first place trophy from the Long Island Kickline Association competition at Uniondale High School. The girls executed their routine perfectly and kicked their way past the snow, undeterred by the original date being cancelled due to the snow.

Senior captains Sarah Keyloun and Gaby Correale demonstrated great leadership, helping to keep the team focused even with the delay.

“I am very proud of the hard work by all the girls this season, and so proud that we got first place,” said Keyloun.
“This team has made senior year amazing,” said Correale.

This success would not have been possible without the dedication of the captains and coaches. The team has now officially been invited to attend the championship competition in March. The Florettes will also be competing again next Sunday at Uniondale High School. Come out and show your support!