Everyone Gets An IPad

District begins rollout of one-to-one initiative with current seventh graders

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Everyone Gets An IPad

Paean Mukherjee, Staff Writer

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On the night of Wednesday, September 7, administrators and teachers at Floral Park Memorial returned to school for an historic occasion. The school distributed iPads to each of the current seventh grade students. The message from the district was clear. Sewanhaka intends to best prepare its students for the 21st century.

The use of these tablets can be viewed as both positive and negative at the start. Many of the teachers and parents asked about the iPads believe that they will be helpful for studying and learning. However, some were concerned about allowing students this young to have control over such a powerful object.

One parent said, “These tablets are good for when you need any information about a subject in class right away. Anytime and anywhere, they can learn and study.”

The iPads will be used in a variety of ways, including to help students study and prepare for tests. The seventh grade teachers have been receiving training and professional development on how to property use the tablets with apps from the self service store created by the district. One teacher said, “I think they are a great addition to the classroom. My class will be paperless by the end of September. With all the technology in the world, I think it is important to bring a more hands-on experience to the students in class. I think it will also facilitate learning and bring students into the modern, technological age.”

Some parents and teachers are concerned that the iPads will be used too much for entertainment and games. But it will be an ongoing process to educate students on how much can be learned using these devices.

Expect to hear much more about this program from The Shield in the months to come.