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Sophomores Celebrate

Joseph Spinner, Staff Writer

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The Sophomore dance was held on the night of Friday March 3rd, 2017. It was held from 7 to 10pm in the back gym at the high school.

When the idea of the sophomore dance was still being considered by the class board and faculty, some students didn’t think the results would be that positive. At first, a large number of students said they were not too interested in attending the dance, and I was very surprised by this.
I decided to tell my friends that I was going to attend, hopefully encouraging some of them to go as well. I managed to get a few more people to attend the dance, but it wasn’t really that many people; six or seven at most.
The day I went to see Mrs. Ball about purchasing a ticket for my brother and me, I noticed that the number on my ticket was 22. Seeing that number 22 on my ticket further disappointed me, causing me to question whether I should still go or not.
The next day as I was roaming the hallways as usual before first period starts, I overheard more students deciding that they wanted to go to the dance. At that point I made the conclusion that I really wanted to attend the sophomore dance.
On the night of the dance, there was a decent sized crowd; around 40 to 50 students having a blast in the back gym.

The decorations were very well put together, and the students really seemed to enjoy the dance overall.

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