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What Test To Take?

Kristen Jones, Staff Writer

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During junior year, most students are preparing to take the SAT or the ACT to be considered for college admission. Some students decide to take both exams while others elect to take only one. For some students, the benefit of taking these exams can be future scholarship money being awarded by various colleges.

However, not all students understand the differences between the two exams. There are four sections on the ACT (American College Testing) – English, math, reading and science. On the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), there are four longer sections – writing and language, reading, and two covering math. Both exams have an optional essay component. With the essays, the testing time for the ACT is three hours and 30 minutes while the SAT is three hours and 50 minutes. The highest score one can earn on the ACT is a 36 while on the SAT it is 1600. The SAT is given seven times per year, and students can take the exam as many times as he/she wants. There is no penalty for incorrect answers on either exam.

An unofficial survey of Floral Park students indicated that more of them found the SAT to be easier than the ACT. But the only way to really find out which exam is best suited for any student is to adequately prepare and sit for both tests.

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