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7th graders enjoy exciting transition to their new school


7th and 8th graders combined on hallway decorations for Spirit Day

Zachary Velez, Staff Writer

What a way to begin junior high school? 

It has only been one week of school for me and my classmates, and it has already been awesome. So many students, when asked about their initial impressions, agree that they were happy with the new school environment. About three out of every four 7th graders I spoke to felt that the older kids have been extremely helpful. They said so without any hesitation. Those who did not think the older kids were helpful said that it was usually because they did not know the answer to their question. We really do appreciate all of the upperclassmen for helping us out.

The key to a successful transition to 7th grade was the outstanding orientation held in August. Organized by the Guidance Department, led by Dr. Charles, the school administrative team, and Student Activities Director Ms. D’Ammassa, the event was a great opportunity for new students to feel comfortable on the first day of school. The teachers and students who volunteered showed us our locker combination (and warned us about sharing them with others), walked us through our schedules (including all of the amazing teachers at FPM) and allowed us to purchase any school supplies. There was also a student fair to showcase all of the extracurricular activities that we can join. One of the popular clubs seems to be Mr. Rockensies’ Drama Club. A lot of people are already going to the meetings. And there’s always a place for students interested in joining the school newspaper.

It is a big change going from a school where teachers come to you and your desk, a place you remain for most of the day. Now, it is completely different as we move from one room to another.

Thanks to everyone for making the first few weeks so much fun. Having homecoming during the early part of the year was also a great opportunity to embrace the school spirit at FPM. I look forward to writing future articles for The Shield.