FPM’s Seniors Celebrated The Class of 2020 at The Senior Dinner


Pictured left to right - Alison Goldberg, Mr. Pugliese, Demi Cascio

Demi Cascio, Co-Editor in Chief

For the seniors who attended the recent Senior Dinner, you can account for what a great time it was. With awards, food, and some current music, all had a good time. The night started off with saying high to each other, excited to all be dressed up and together.  Directly going into some food, dancing, and awards. The award ceremony was why most of the people  attended the event. Between the superlatives and “bests”, everyone wanted to know what they would win. Awards such as the nicest eyes, best car, most likely to cure cancer, and tons more were given out. Angeli Santander and Tamia Smith received attached at the hips, Carter Thomas was voted best car, I received most patriotic, and so on. The list, laughs, and smiles continued as the night went on. A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Francis and Mrs. White who made the dinner possible. Along with our class board, their hard work paid off.