On the second day of Shieldmas I give to you… my advice!

On the second day of Shieldmas I give to you… my advice!

Demi Cascio, Co-Editor in Chief

You may feel like you’re about to go through high school all alone. You may not have many friends. You may not know what your classes will be about. But it’s okay. The beginning of high school is the same for everyone. 




Don’t forget that you don’t have to dress nice everyday. You might feel weird dressing comfortable, but no one cares what you look like. 


Make friends. High school can get very, very lonely when you don’t have anyone by your side to laugh with. Trust me. 


Wear deodorant. PLEASE!


Do your work when you find time throughout the day so you aren’t bombarded after school. 


Join clubs. 


Don’t wait to get involved. You will regret it.


Be respectful to your teachers and guidance counselor, in the end their recommendations get you into college. 


Try out for the Varsity sport that you don’t think you will make. The coach might just see something in you. Worked for me in 8th grade. 


Laugh. Don’t not laugh at something you think is funny because of the people surrounding you. Laugh because you mean it. Because you want to. 


Be yourself. Don’t change because you aren’t like the popular people. Don’t change because you don’t have the same interests as them. There are most likely people in this school who like the same things as you. You will find them. 


Cry if you have to. It’s okay to have feelings. It’s okay to have a bad day. Everyone does. 


Everyone gets through high school. You will too. 


Don’t worry. Do your work. Have fun. 


High school flies by faster than they say it does. Cherish the moments and mature from them.