Cole’s Contract Valued More Than NHL Franchises


Alison Goldberg, Co-Editor in Chief

As most of you all know, Gerrit Cole signed a record breaking contract with the New York Yankees. The total amount of the deal was $324 million. Later that morning, I came across a tweet linking this deal with the New York Islanders. For starters, if you didn’t know, NHL players are paid on a much lower scale than any other sport, especially MLB players. Of course, MLB players have the luxury of not having to deal with a salary cap, so this is a given. The tweet I came across was from the user @IslesBlog and the tweet read:

Gerit Cole signed in 2019: $324MM 

NYI sold in 2014: $425MM #Isles 

Now this, this is something to think about. When you really put it into perspective, it’s insane to think about how much more MLB players are getting paid; and then to compare them next to a whole NHL franchise is a crazy point of view. Of course seeing Cole come in just $100 million dollars from the price of my favorite team was mind boggling, but what’s even more mind boggling is the fact that his contract is worth more than THREE NHL franchises. According to 2018 Forbes valuations, these three teams are the Columbus Blue Jackets, Arizona Coyotes and Florida Panthers. 


The Islanders value hit $520 million in 2018 which was 18th in the NHL (re:Forbes). Of course, not a huge shocker to see them valued closer to the bottom, but they’re definitely on an upswing. The average value in the league is $630 million. So to put this back in perspective with MLB, that is just less than double Gerrit Cole’s contract. Imagine that! 


So after being mesmerized, I continued my research. I wanted to compare the GOAT, Mike Trout’s contract to NHL teams. If you didn’t know, Trout signed a 12 year $430 million contract extension last off season. Yes hockey fans, you read that right. So how many teams is Trout worth MORE than? In addition to the Columbus Blue Jackets, Arizona Coyotes and Florida Panthers, Trout values more than the Buffalo Sabres and Winnipeg Jets.


For a hockey oriented fan, these number comparisons can be quite the shocker. It’s as if MLB teams are just throwing around their money like it’s nothing! And to think hockey gurus freak out over $80 million?! A news flash for anyone who has only been paying attention to the NHL: your favorite sport is the cheapest.


I personally thought this tidbit of information could be enjoyed, appreciated and maybe pique the interests of some of you.