Is The Holiday Recess Too Long?


Demi Cascio, Co-Editor in Chief

Is two weeks too long?

What are the pros and cons of having two weeks off for Christmas break?

Starting off with the pros, one could say that it allows all students to relax their minds. High school students, especially, are very stressed, tired, and overwhelmed. Being so, the thought of two straight weeks of not having to go to school immediately takes stress off of our shoulders. No tests to worry about, homework to complete, and your day is free to do what you want. During winter break you can catch up on some sleep, go out with friends, and do things with your family. Those of us who have jobs could maybe even work a few extra shifts and make a little bit more money after the to fill recent holes in our wallets due to the holidays. I mean when you think of it, how can there possibly be any cons to this?

Some might argue that there are most definitely cons. Could it be the loss of attention in the weeks prior to the break. With a huge workload and the thought of a long break approaching, kids tend to become uninterested in class lessons. If Christmas break was only a week long, would the prior disinterest be so great?

Say high schoolers aren’t affected by the upcoming break, they most definitely will be during the break. The majority of high school students don’t have a care in the world during break when it comes to school. Therefore, when they get back to school, teachers will have to review and maybe even re-teach lessons.

Personally, I love a two week break. It gives time to relax and do things that you can’t while bombarded with work. I’m sure teachers agree being that they don’t have to stress over lesson plans and grading.

So what do you think? Should we have school in between Christmas and New Years? Or leave it how it is?