Off Season Practices Benefit Athletic Teams


Demi Cascio, Co-Editor in Chief

Ah, high school athletics. So fun, yet so controversial. So I pose this question to you. Should high school sports teams be allowed to formally practice together in the off-season? And if so, should there be limitations and equality among teams and different sports?

Now this topic could be very easily debated. Although in my opinion, it should be allowed, to a certain extent. Having played on the varsity softball team for quite a few years now, I will use us as an example. 

The start of the season in March consists of tryouts, workouts, and snow-days. In this time of about maybe, if we are lucky, two or three weeks of straight practices, we are not fully prepared for a game. At this time, the girls are just starting to find their groove and getting to know each other. If we were at least able to have tryouts in the prior off-season, it could greatly impact our wins/loss record positively and extend our practice times. 

Although, much of the problem is not about allowing it, but the coaches abusing it. While some coaches are not necessarily reserved for one team, others who do In fact coach in your sport’s off-season, would take advantage of this. (As I would if I were a coach wanting to make my team the best it could be.) 

There should be an allowed amount of practices for each sport throughout the entirety of the off season. And penalties for those who do not abide by the already generous and impactful extension. 

My opinion may be biased as an athlete although it’s definitely one to consider.