Scholarships Are A Necessity For Many Attending College


Demi Cascio, Co-Editor in Chief

Scholarships are not for all, but rather those who really want it. Some ask why even apply for so many different scholarships? Well, there is only really one answer.


Who wouldn’t love a good chunk of money off of their extremely large tuition?

From my perspective, scholarships are absolutely necessary. Some of us seniors are writing as many as ten scholarship essays. Although you have to be careful because it can catch up to you. With so many different deadlines and prompts, you have to be very organized. Especially while doing so many at the same time. These scholarships are also not very easy to come by. The whole process takes a lot of research, and even hanging out in the guidance office.

I’ll leave you with this tip: do what you can now, so you can do what you want later.