FPM Showed Its Ugly Side…For A Good Cause


Jamie Liesner, Jaysen Velasco, Olivia Hamerman, Mrs. Faggioni, Gwynne Smith, Lina Davau, Molayo Ifebajo

Demi Cascio, Co-Editor in Chief

The infamous ugly sweater day was a school-wide success! A couple hundred students and teachers participated and donated to  A Reason to Smile and Island Harvest. Mrs. Faggioni and the student counsel did an amazing job organizing the event in its entirety.

The Global Awareness Club also took part in the event by organizing an ugly sweater day photo booth. Right outside the math department’s doors was a beautiful and fun photo booth to take silly and or fun pictures. For only three dollars per picture, anyone was able to donate to the cause and smile! A Reason to Smile is a nonprofit organization established in 2014 to prevent the spread of dental disease by providing clinical care and education to communities in Africa with little to no access to dental care. The FPM community has been donating and collaborating with this organization for a few years now and will continue to do so!