(Softball) Season’s Greetings


Seniors (Left) Kelly Marmorowski, (center) Olivia Hamerman, (right) Demi Cascio

Demi Cascio, Co-editor in Chief

March has finally arrived which means…SOFTBALL!!! Starting on Monday, my fifth year on the varsity softball team will begin with a new coaching staff. Although I am nothing but optimistic, who knows how the season will go. Throughout the entirety of my time on the team, there were no more than two years straight with the same coaching staff. This year we say goodbye to coach Spina and hello to coach Pickett. Taking the head coach position is coach Spano. Last year, coach Spano took the assistant coach position and took the time to learn the way our team works. Now knowing the ins and outs, coach Spano will lead our team with coach Pickett by his side. This is a funny little twist on their football duo. The three seniors leading the team, Olivia Hamerman, Kelly Marmorowski, and I (Demi Cascio) have been very pleased as this year’s pre-season numbers have doubled from last year. Tryouts start March 9th so be there!!!