Demi Cascio, Co-editor in Chief

The recent events influenced by Covid-19 have left many sad and or bored. With the stock market’s fluctuations, supermarket’s empty aisles, ban on Chinese imports, and more, Americans are having to learn how to social distance. With a society that loves to sit on their phones and stay in bed, the results of this being encouraged have caused us to want to do the opposite. For most high school students, the recent time off from school has been nothing but great. Not having to complete work or wake up early is just what most students wish for. Although, the upper grades are those being affected the most.

From a junior’s point of view, athletes aren’t able to be watched by colleges, college testing has been cancelled, and one of the most important academic years is being held off. As a senior, a little bit more is at stake. The hard work and dedication put into schooling for the past twelve years has been for a good future, and a relaxing senior year. Because of the coronavirus and it’s spread, this could be taken away from us. Senior week, prom, graduation, sports, and spending the last few weeks with our friends are quite possibly in jeopardy. With those of us still in AP classes, our preparing and studying could be for nothing. Take the time to check on your seniors and make sure they are okay. Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy!