My Coronavirus Update


Sabrina Louis, Senior Contributor

Coronavirus Update…
On Sunday like any other Sunday I’d wake up and get ready for 11:30 church but today it was different and a little sad. My mom came into my room at around 10:38 and told me to come into the living room for prayer at 11:30. I already knew without her mentioning that church service would be canceled today due to the virus. I’m glad my pastor is taking the precautions to keep everyone at home but I’m sure if we all gathered together like any other Sunday it’d give people a sense of faith and reassurance that all will be okay. My family prayer was beautiful. My mother and little sister sung songs and we all prayed separately. Our prayer ended at 1:00 with my whole family on the same page as to where we want to be once this pandemic is over— healthy.

I’m blessed that I was born into a family that believes in a higher power whom we can look upon in times of confusion for clarity and light. The time off will help me clear my mind but I am very eager to be back to how things were but unfortunately things will really never be the same. Cheers to new beginnings even if struggle is present.

-Sabrina Louis