What Could The Spikes Of COVID-19 Cases Mean?


Daniel Madtes, Staff Writer

Everyone seems to be focusing more on the election results. Biden is now discussing his presidency and his potential cabinet members, while current President Donald Trump is waging legal battles with the results of the election, even though he has little to no evidence of voter fraud. But it doesn’t seem that enough people are talking about the new spike in cases of COVID-19. According to data compiled by Johns HopkinsUniversity, more than 10 million cases and 237,000 deaths have been reported in the U.S. This sets a dark milestone for what is yet to come. Many officials say that this is unlikely to improve unless we take steps to reduce transmission.

Dr. Michael Osterholm, a professor at University of Minnesota, the director of Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, and now coronavirus advisor to President-elect Joe Biden. He said earlier this week that the country is headed toward “Covid hell.” With cases rising it seems that businesses must shut down again. This means that restaurants must now do deliveries and no longer dining in, gyms will have to shut down again, and it’s possible that schools may have to be shut down. The lockdown estimated to keep this disease under control would be 4-6 weeks. This is what we did in the month of March, 2020.

Many experts said that a second wave of COVID-19 would happen. With flu season and people not following the C.D.C. guidelines, it seemed it was inevitable. Many states are reporting a surge in cases and are having trouble to contain it. Texas is now the first state to reach 1 million coronavirus cases and over 19,000 deaths. The Governor of Utah has declared a state of emergency for the overcrowding in hospitals, and has made a mask mandate. We do not one hundred percent know what is going to happen, but it seems that we are not done yet with this pandemic that has affected every aspect of our lives.