Navigating Thanksgiving During a Pandemic


Sarah Pflug

Sofia Pierno, Staff Writer

Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving differently. This year, it’s going to be a smaller crowd for every family. Whether you go to someone’s house, or host the holiday yourself, here are a few ideas to make this holiday special.

  • Giving Trees: A lot of places are already selling little Christmas Trees, so pick one up! Have everyone you see put something on the tree, whether it’s a can of corn placed under the tree by a toddler, or a pair of mittens grandma knitted by the fire. After the festivities are said and done, bring them to a food and clothing drive, schedule a donation pickup, or anything else.
  • “One thing I’m thankful for…” notes: Have everyone you see write one thing they are thankful for on a piece of paper (without signing their name!), put it in a bowl, and shake it around. Then, give everyone a piece of paper drawn from the bowl. Finally, have everyone read their new note! This will open people’s eyes to how much they have to be thankful for.
  • Bake some treats, and package them up nice for a neighbor. It’s just a nice thing to do, and can be a fun family activity.
  • Write a small note for someone in your neighborhood. If you saw someone raking leaves off the sidewalk, you can say, “Thank you for helping to keep the neighborhood gorgeous!”
  • Hide one Christmas or Winter decoration among your thanksgiving decor, and the first person to notice gets an extra desert!

This year has been tough for everyone, so have a great Thanksgiving (AND BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!) Weekend!