Hybrid Learning: Love It or Leave It?


William Kelleher, Junior High Staff Writer

Do you like hybrid learning? Well I don’t! As a seventh grader, I was looking forward to playing baseball this year. Thanks to hybrid learning, I can’t. I also can’t see some of my friends. Here is why other seventh graders either love it or want to leave it.

Chloe LaVaute: Love It – “It’s okay; I kind of wish we stuck to one, but I like going to school, though it’s weird we sit in the same classroom all day.”

Daniel Tyrrel: Leave It – “I think it’s easier to

learn in person.”

Matthew Santos: Love It – “Hybrid learning has lots of pros and cons. You get to sleep in, but unfortunately it is easy to get distracted, but I prefer sleeping in so hybrid is better.

Leighton Gouveia: Love It – “I like hybrid learning cause I don’t start getting ready until 7:50 and I stay in my PJ’s but there is a lot of lag.”

Zachary Sarcona: Love It – “I like hybrid because you still learn the same amount as the kids in school.”

Valentina Ayala: Leave It –  “Hybrid is fine but it can be tiring 

since I sometimes forget when I do and don’t have school!”

Caroline Gatta: Leave It – “I hate online learning.”

Anisha Gogna: Leave It – “I don’t like fully remote or remote.”

Shannon Cody: Love It – “I’m honestly fine with both.”

Lucas Kierez: Love It -“I think the learning we are doing right now is good for both sides, because there are people who like to do work at home, and there are people who like to work at school.”