Girls Volleyball Has Successful Season


Frances Reilly, Guest Contributor

This girls volleyball season was really rewarding. The seniors were so blessed to even have a season this year not knowing what would happen with COVID still being an issue in everyday life. The girls worked tirelessly everyday having games that were typically spread out over 3 months but squeezed into 1 month. Our team also had to quarantine but that did not stop us from achieving our goals. Right after our senior game, which we won in 3 quick games, we thought we won. It turned out we were short games due to our time in quarantine. We did not let the fact that we had to play back to back away games at Great Neck South the day after a game get to us. We kept our heads high playing astounding games coming out victorious. After winning every single set we officially became champions. Even though we were unlucky in the playoffs, we will remember these memories we had together. Good luck next year girls varsity volleyball. You are a talented group and I already know you’re going to kill it next year.