Welcome to “WHAT IF…? History Reimagined!” – A new column by William Kelleher


William Kelleher, Junior High Columnist

Welcome to My New Column!

Hello everyone my name is William Kelleher. Now if you’re thinking, “Hey! Where have I heard that name before?” That is because I penned the articles “Hybrid Learning: Love It or Leave It,” “December Is Upon Us At Last! No More 2020!” and “Interview with Leighton Gouveia: A great friend, and completely random seventh grader.” Now I’ve shifted gears. No longer am I the Staff Reporter I used to be. Welcome to “WHAT IF…?”!

What Is The Technical Title For WHAT IF…?
As you probably know, WHAT IF…? is already the title for the best Marvel series on Disney+ so far. The actual title of my column is “WHAT IF…? History Reimagined.”

What Will This Column Be About?
This columns is about a multiverse theory that I came up with this past summer. This theory was that every decision has an infinite number of possible outcomes. Also every multiverse has a number. We live in Timeline One, the timeline set to God’s original plan. Since the timeline is a circle time repeats itself, over and over, but sometimes things go wrong and a person, or a group of people don’t play their part. What I’m trying to say is, “The timeline is a play, and sometimes actors mess up their lines.” I will be exploring these different timelines and will explain what happens in that timeline. Also I will sometimes ask you to come up with my topics by including Google Forms for you to fill out. Of course there will be choices to choose from, but everything else will be decided by you. To warn you, what I cover may upset some people. If you want to complain, just be thankful that you live on Timeline One.

What Are The Rules of the Multiverse?
You live on Timeline One. You cannot jump into another timeline. You have to stick to your timeline until your part messes up the timeline on another loop.

About the Author
As you probably already know, my name is William Kelleher. I’m currently in eighth grade. I am currently writing three novels to send to the Library of Congress to get copyrights named Space Pig: Loss of Spide’s Hope, Space Pig 5124, and Space Kid:Fallen Allies. I like to write whatever comes into my mind. I enjoy writing. I love pigs.