FPM Celebrates Spirit Week


Margaret Boyle, Junior High Staff Writer

Last week, the week of October 25, was school spirit week.

Monday – Sports Day Swag
On Monday, we were told to wear our favorite sports jersey. It was very cool to see everyone showing off what team they support. People wore jerseys of teams from football to soccer to hockey.

Tuesday – Tie Dye Tuesday or #PinkOut
While I didn’t see much pink, or maybe I didn’t notice, you couldn’t walk the halls without seeing at least one or two people wearing tie dye. It was cool to see people showing off their inner hippie.

Wednesday – Wacky Hair Wednesday
I personally didn’t see much wacky hair on Wednesday. Even though, when I did, it did make me laugh. All the creative hair styles I saw were very cool while still being funny.

Thursday – Twining Thursday
I was wondering the whole day why I saw no one twinning. Then I realized, I have only been seeing half of the twins. When I saw twins, I was very impressed with how spot on some of their outfits were.

Friday – School Spirit or #BlueUp
Maybe I just don’t pay enough attention, but I didn’t not see many people showing off their school spirit. Then again, maybe everyone was just wearing black.

Overall, I believe that it was very cool to see all of the impressive outfits last week.