7th Grade Medical Detectives Dissect Brain


Rowan DeJean, Junior High Staff Writer

On November 12, students experienced something rare…they dissected a sheep’s brain. This brain was  no bigger than a human palm. I’m sure other people in high school have already done this and may know more than I know about the experience.

Some students were grossed out  but others tried to embrace it because we may never do this again so let this be a reminder to take a chance in life because moments like these may only happen once. The brain was narrow and long. The spinal cord was easy to point out. The teacher, Ms. Maser, says that she has taught for over twenty years having students dissect these kinds of organs and the students have functioned to dissect them this whole time.

These students had to cut the brains in half during this so-called “surgery”. I was one of the people in this class and it gave me a better understanding in medical science such as dissecting a sheep’s brain. The dissection was an experience that may have been foul smelling for some but is not to be wasted or to be a thrown away opportunity.