Why is the Nebraska University CornHuskers football team so terrible this year?


Alexander Robertson, Staff Writer

This past football season for the Nebraska CornHuskers has been a rather disastrous season for them. In this article, we’ll discuss why the football team is bad, the background, and who is to blame, and also what can be done about it.


In the past several weeks of college football, Nebraska has caught my attention, and begs the question, why are they so bad. Since Scott Frost’s arrival at Nebraska in 2017, In the past 4 years Nebraska has had seasons that weren’t successful. From their pathetic loss to Purdue (28-23) and to Minnesota (23-30). Historically the Big Ten West teams aren’t as good as powerhouse teams such as Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State etc. Whilst those powerhouse continues to succeed, over in the Big Ten West, you got teams like Northwestern who have a terrible record. The Only teams that have somewhat of a good chance of getting at least a close score to the Big Ten East teams is either Wisconsin or Iowa and possibly Minnesota.

The rankings of the BIG TEN West goes as following:
Wisconsin (7-3)
Iowa (8-2)
Minnesota (6-4)
Purdue (6-4)
Illinois (4-6)
Nebraska (3-7)
Northwestern (3-7)

Why is the football team terrible and who is to blame?

The simple answer for that is the coaching staff. The coaching staff is terrible, Scott Frost and his coaching staff aren’t doing any great for the team. That’s the reason why they’re getting an easier schedule than some of the other teams next year. The communication as well is terrible, the lack of communication on the field is a good chunk as to why they are bad. As of the time this article will be released, the Cornhuskers will have signed Scott Frost to another year at Nebraska, taking advantage of the moment he fires some of the other coaches.

What can be done?

The only thing that can be done is to wait to see how next year goes for them. If they don’t improve they will have to fire Scott Frost and go through the vigorous process of finding a new coach which is very tough.