NBA MVP Race Heats Up


Jake Torres, Staff Writer

Who is the greatest player in the NBA right now? Who is the MVP? Questions like these are still up for debate. As the NBA continues, we see Stephen Curry dominating on the offense, Kevin Durant leading his team to wins without Kyrie Irving, and former champ Giannis Antetokounmpo chasing another championship for Milwaukee. So who’s the MVP? More importantly, who is winning the championship?

Before we talk about the best of the NBA, let’s talk about the players that haven’t played a single game. Klay Thompson still hasn’t played an NBA game despite wanting to play and get back to his old self. Klay is out due to injuries, and his disappearance just shows how dominant Stephen Curry still is, and how much more dominant the Warriors will be when Klay returns. Ben Simmons after letting his team down in the playoffs is out for the entire season. Simmons has lost most of his trade value since his letdown series of games against the Hawks, while the Sixers scramble to find a suitable trade. Kyrie Irving is out for the Brooklyn Nets, but Kevin Durant and James Harden manage to stay on top of the league.

MVP talks have been very interesting this year. The main candidates we have seen so far are Nikola Jokic, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. However it really comes down to who is carrying their team the most and that needs to be Stephen Curry. Averaging around 27 points and 6 assists, he has led his team to great lengths while proving he is the greatest three point shooter of all time. However, The best player currently is Kevin Durant. Averaging about 29 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists, he has proved himself to be the best current player. The main reason why he isn’t first to win MVP is due to James Harden by his side.

Jokic is also having an impressive offensive and defensive season with a playing style similar to 5x NBA Champion Tim Duncan. Jokic may have a boring style of basketball, but it clearly shows how important he is. With every Steph Curry, you’ll have a Nikola Jokic. One player is a flashy player that makes the game enjoyable to watch, whereas the other plays with fundamentals and basic shots, but using this style effectively can help you win games for your team.

The NBA is getting more interesting as we continue to watch. Stephen Curry recently broke the record for most three pointers made of all time. The Suns are dominating the NBA once again with a vengeance and a chase for a ring. Lebron and the Lakers still struggle to find a solution to their lack of chemistry. The NBA is getting very interesting to watch and as NBA fans we should all be very excited to see how this season progresses.