Poems to Celebrate Spring and Poetry Month


Giuliana DePaola, Junior High Staff Writer

April is National Poetry Month.


I look up at the sky
And see the birds fly free
As they soar I wonder
How fun that must be

The birds don’t go to school
They don’t need to pay the bills
They don’t follow any schedules
Just their whims and all their thrills

It must be pretty easy
Living high up in the trees
The cool crisp springtime air
Must put their minds at ease

But birds have hardships too
Before they learn to fly
Many never live
To soar into the sky

I guess that every being
No matter what kind of life they lead
Faces hardships, pain and struggles
For every creature bleeds

When you look up at the sky
Think not of what you want
Think of what you already have
And let gratefulness in your heart.



Butterflies want to spread their wings
Before they know to fly
Birds long to leave the nest
Though many often die

Frogs want to hop around
Once their legs appear
Just like people wish and dream
With each and every year

Children spend their lives
Waiting to mature
They play pretend although
Their future isn’t secure

Many want to jump ahead
And grow up quick despite
That a caterpillar doesn’t change
Into a butterfly overnight

We’re waiting for a breakthrough
To be perfect all too soon
But before becoming a butterfly
We must first find our cocoons



The snow has finally melted
The bitter cold has ceased
The birds have begun chirping
The trees are growing leaves

The grass is getting greener
With every passing day
The earth is slowly changing
In the most beautiful of ways

Could it be that people
Could change this way as well?
Could we shed the coldness in our hearts
And break the winter’s spell?

Could we let light in our lives
The way the sun shines through trees
Could we help our friends and neighbors
The way flowers help the bees

I hope this new beginning
Could be the start of something great
And that the world will keep on giving
To overshadow all the hate.



Rain is all around me
Pouring down in sheets
The wind is blowing fiercely
On the cold and empty streets

Clouds darken the sky
The sun’s been gone for days
Thunder booms and crashes
Lightning shoots its rays

Despite the storm around me
I feel a strange sensation of peace
The relentless April weather
Will soon begin to cease

No matter how bad the weather is
And the strength of nature’s blow
The best thing about the rain is
We soon will see a rainbow.