Meet the Cast of You Can’t Take It With You


Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Floral Park Memorial has had many iconic theatrical performances throughout the past years including, The Trial of Goldilocks, Paper Or Plastic and The Man Who Came to Dinner. Directors Ms. Hayden and Mrs.Bellinger have chosen to revive an old classic, You Can’t Take It With You for this year’s production.

The show is comedic and chaotic with a cast to match its energy. It tells the story of the rambunctious Sycamore family who are anything but normal. The main plot point is when Alice Syramore falls in love with posh businessman Tony Kirby. The prim and proper Kirbys must meet the Sycamore household before approving the relationship. Star crossed lovers, Alice and Tony, are played by eleventh grader Nora Cernjul and twelfth grader Anthony “AJ” Mineo. Both actors have been apart of the FPM theater family for five years. Each have had numerous roles throughout the years such as Vivian Paine and Store Manager Karl. Head of the Sycamore clan, Grandpa, is portrayed by eleventh grader Jake Urban. Jake joined the club in seventh grader and has acted parts such as carthunter Kenny and Dr. Bradley. Playwright Penelope “Penny” and explosive husband Paul Sycamore are played by eleventh grader Emer Price and tenth grader Christian Paredes. Both joined drama club in their seventh grade year and were casted in roles including Nurse Preen and Papa Bear. Senior Nuella DeTorrontegui and junior C-Ro Fernandez dance across the stage to Ed’s, played by seventh grader Nicholas Murphy, xylophone music as avid ballerina Essie and her kooky Russian teacher Kolenkov. Newcomers Sofia Pierno, Grace Alexis and Elise Pinola shake up the house with mundane maid Rheba, dovish Donna and destructive DePinna. The cast also includes no nonsense Henderson, Maeve Collazo, and Bellinger, Daniel Fitzgerald, regal Royal Duchess Olga Katerina played by Marliyn Lopez, tipsy actress Gay Wellington, Ariana Salcedo and the all work no play women in black agents.

The entire cast have put in endless hours of work to perfect this outrageous three act play. Opening night is December 1st with closing night the following date December 2nd. Spread the word and come support Floral Park Memorials young aspiring actors and actresses.