FPM Celebrates Edgar Allan Poe


Mr. Demmers as Edgar Allan Poe

Friday, October 28 2022, was Edgar Allen Poe day. This is the first year the English department has recognized Poe and his work, while creating a fun celebration throughout the school. English teacher Mrs. Bellinger said, “With Halloween, why not tie in Edgar Allan Poe to make you guys away of the author and what he wrote?”

For the duration of the week, teachers taught their students about Poe’s writings and the eerie tales he wrote. Famous for his poem “The Raven,” some of his work is known worldwide. His pieces are dark and gloomy, telling the stories of lost ones and leaving the reader with chills. Edgar Allan Poe day brought much more than knowledge to the students, but joy. Throughout the day, ravens were hidden around the school. Finding one earned the students candy. Similarly, Mr. Demmers, an English teacher, dressed up as Poe, rewarding students who could recite a quote from Poe with candy. Overall, Poe day was an amazing celebration to recognize an amazing poet who, in many ways, brought the stories to life. I think it is safe to say, we will all be looking forward to Poe day in the next years to come.

Mrs. Ciaffone was ecstatic about the first ever Edgar Allen Poe day. She said, “All of the English teachers have been working on teaching Poe’s stories throughout the week.” She also shared, “This is our first annual Poe day and we decided to make it super fun for all of the students.” The teachers enjoy sharing Poe’s spooky work. “We hope to continue doing this day every year and making the day bigger and better,” Mrs. Ciaffone also shared. The English teachers love sharing the Halloween spirit by making this spooky day, and it definitely will not be the last.