Italian Heritage Month

This past October was Italian-American Heritage month, a month dedicated to Italian Americans and their culture. Originating in 1989, October is meant to honor the achievements of Italian immigrants and the legacy they left behind in America. According to, roughly 15 million Americans have ancestors in Italy. Throughout history, Italian Americans have carried their culture with them. A notable case of this was the large population of Italians in NYC, which evolved into Little Italy. Foods like pizza and pasta originated in Italy, and these foods are big in American culture. Italian Immigrants also took their knowledge of art with them. Italian Americans such as Tony Benett and Ariana Grande have impacted the music industry as much as actors such as Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) and Marisa Tomei (Aunt May in Tom Holland’s Spider Man). Even movies such as It’s a Wonderful Life were directed by Italians. Athletes such as Joe DiMaggio also share Italian ancestry. Throughout American history, Italians have left a lasting impression on our country. So next October, turn on The Godfather with some pizza, and remember the Italian immigrants who came here in search of a better life, as well as the legacy their descendants carry to this day.