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With The First Pick in the NFL Draft…

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With The First Pick in the NFL Draft…

Shane Palma, Editor in Chief

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I’ve done my research. Countless hours spent organizing, planning, and putting together this full two-round NFL mock draft. Who takes the phenom Kyler Murray? How far does Rashan Gary fall? Will the Patriots finally take a successor to Tom Brady? And when I think I’ve figured it all out, trades happen, (because anything can happen on draft day). 

Broncos wide receiver Chad Hansen once told me in an interview how strenuous and grueling the draft process can be. Hours of meeting with teams and answering some of their ridiculous questions, plus preparation for the combine can take a lot out of players before we even get to the university pro days. But on the eve of one of the biggest nights for the NFL, hundreds of prospects wait in anticipation of hearing their names called to the big stage in order to hold up a jersey with Commissioner Roger Goodell.

I have perseverated all week with numerous versions of this mock draft, but finally had to submit my official one. Forgive me if I made any minor mistakes as I am still reeling from last night’s heartbreaking overtime loss of my Vegas Golden Knights in a game 7 classic. You will find my predictions for the first 64 picks below. This is not necessarily how I value each player as I also considered team need and fit. This is contrary to the view expressed this week by New York Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman, who claimed that he will always take the best player available, regardless of position. (We will see about that.)

In my opinion, Drew Lock is a better quarterback than Dwayne Haskins, but the Giants seem to love Haskins’ game and will more than likely select him with the 6th pick. Enjoy my predictions for now because come Saturday morning, I will probably be 3 for 64. And even the experts will miss out on some big-time player. Remember, Tom Brady and Antonio Brown were both 6th-round selections.

Full disclosure, this does include trades and some out-of-this-world scenarios.

Shane’s 2019 NFL Mock Draft

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