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Shane Palma
Shane Palma is a senior at Floral Park Memorial and is excited to finish out his high school career with The Shield. After joining the newspaper last year, Shane has already earned the title of editor in chief. He led the writing staff last year in published articles and hopes to build on his success with a strong 2018-19 school year. Along with The Shield, Shane is an intern at FNTSY Sports Radio Network and produces daily content for He is a fantasy sports addict who is constantly researching to contend for championships in all sports leagues. In real sports, Shane is a fan of the New York Yankees, New York Jets, New York Knicks and Vegas Golden Knights. “I think The Shield is moving in the right direction," said Palma. "Last year we built the platform, this year we expand and only move forward. Big things are coming and it’s only a matter of time.”

Shane Palma, Editor in Chief

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