Is Halloween Canceled?


Mia Hernandez, Junior High Staff Writer

On the 31st of October, families celebrate a spooky holiday just before Thanksgiving and  Christmas comes around. Well, what is Halloween? Halloween is a joyful and celebratory holiday.  Children make or buy exotic and fun costumes every year. From being Batman to Princess  Jasmine from Disney, the possibilities are endless! Parents or adults buy candy or make goodie  bags to give out to children on the last day of October. Children go out from door to door in their  spectacular costumes asking for candy. We call them Trick-Or-Treaters. At the end of the day,  before it gets dark, kids say their last “trick or treat!” and head home. Once they return home, the  candy is all theirs, and maybe their parents’ too. Therefore, this day is by far one of the most  enjoyable holidays. Spending time together with friends, communicating with new people, and  sharing is what Halloween is all about.  

Although, this year we have all seen the worst happen. It is a pretty self-explanatory topic,  Covid-19. As much as all civilians dislike the virus, we are faced with new guidelines on how to  have fun, affecting everyone’s way of life. Social distancing, wearing masks, and regularly getting  a cotton swab up your nose isn’t too fun. So, what happens with all holidays we love to enjoy?  Will they get canceled? Let’s break down what happened this year to one of America’s most  favorite holidays, Halloween.   

When wearing a costume this year you must wear masks, not only for Halloween but whenever  you go out. Even if wearing a face piece that goes along with your costume, it would be most safe  to put a medical or cloth mask underneath. But, if you aren’t wearing a face piece with your  costume you are still obligated to wear one. Nowadays, it is very easy and simple to find  patterned or colored masks. For instance, let’s say you are wearing a Princess Belle costume to go  trick-or-treating you would wear a yellow-colored face mask. 

In Nassau County, the news recommended that painting a  pumpkin purple or drawing a purple pumpkin, and putting it in front of your house is the best way  to indicate your house is safe to go to. Although, some people chose to simply just put a bowl of  candy on their steps and constantly re-fill it. That was done before Covid as well.   

So your answer is no, Halloween wasn’t canceled. The spooky holiday did have some changes but  as a community, we found a way to make it just as fun.