Holiday Traditions In The FPM Community


Sofia Pierno, Staff Writer

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! This month, I worked on gathering information on holiday traditions. The overwhelming majority of people who answered said that they celebrate Christmas. In second place was Hanukkah, and third was Eid. The majority of people celebrate by hosting the holiday or going to someone’s house. A lot of people said that they have a special holiday food and dessert they eat. Many were pasta dishes or types of meat, with the most popular dessert being a type of cookie, like sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies. About 60% of respondents wear something in between fancy and casual to a party for their respective holiday celebration. Opening gifts was said to be the most popular holiday tradition by a lot. Finally, I included a “Have You Ever…” section of the form, with a bunch of questions about celebrating the holidays. Many people answered this, with over 200 responses to each of 21 questions. The question with the most answers was “Have you ever received gifts?” with 264 “yes” responses. For a copy of the survey’s responses, open the link below. Have a Happy Holiday Season, and A Happy New Year!