Is Amazon’s New Technology Ruining Our Economy?


Mia Hernandez, Junior High Staff Writer

Amazon is probably one of the most well-known companies in the world. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, the company started to rise tremendously ever since. With just the click of a button ordering and purchasing items is as simple as can be. Well, what harm could such a great company create?

Amazon has made it very easy for anyone to buy anything they wanted. Innovations and updates draw more and more users to switch to ordering online rather than in-store. What draws us is the prices we see. Let’s say you wanted to buy a computer, you checked the price on Target and saw it being $500. You then sign into Amazon and see it at $450. The obvious choice would be to go with the cheapest price to save yourself money. People found that Amazon has way more innovative prices than most popular stores today. Not only that but the very quick package shipping lures us shoppers in way more. Think about this, would you prefer your package to arrive in a week or tomorrow? The obvious answer is tomorrow. Luckily Amazon made that simple as ever offering “One Day Shipping” for a good portion of its items. According to statistics, Amazon has over 150 million users. As great and efficient as the app/website may be, it might cause slight harm to the economy with its large growth over the years.

Amazon is a huge company. They offer an online pharmacy, making it easier to purchase medications. Amazon has created Amazon Fresh in which groceries ordered on your phone are delivered straight to your doorstep. Going along with the grocery purchases Amazon started opening up real-life grocery stores. Not any different from your local Foodtown, the company offers just about every grocery wanted. Although Jeff Bezos wanted something that no one has ever seen.

Operating more than two dozen supermarkets the company sparked up lots of anger. When you go into the store you have to log into something known as DashCart. Then you add bags to your cart and start shopping. The built-in technology within will charge you automatically for the items added to your cart. So once you are done, you skip the line and leave with your groceries. No consultation with a cashier needed. Purchasing groceries is the least of your worries. With that much smart technology, we might have flying cars in the future! Although the technology runs throughout the store making your grocery shopping experience efficient, more affordable, and quick. This is just about the 3 words any adult shopper would love to hear. The problem Amazon is creating is that there are no cashiers! If Amazon continues to grow as much as it is today, it will probably have more stores throughout the country. That is a problem for us. Us Americans want jobs, whether it is being a cashier or something completely different like a janitor. Jobs make up our economy and help it grow fluently. Most importantly they fund our lives! If more and more businesses start using technology like Amazon or Amazon starts making more stores, tons of jobs may be taken away from us, ruining our only way to make money. According to an article Amazon’s plan has been described as “ruthless” and “a crisis”. As Amazon continues to eliminate jobs from Americans, even worse during a pandemic creates a bigger suffering. Amazon would probably go against the well over 24 million underbanked households. The UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers), a labor union, is completely against Jeff Bezos’s ideas and released many statements disagreeing with the new stores. Amazon has also started selling its incredibly smart technology to other vendors. 7-11 also started to test out new technology relating to Bezos. “Millions of cashier jobs could be at risk” captioned by one website. Jeff Bezos wants to grow his technology and apparently “wants others to use it.” The only ones accumulating more revenue are the company that sells the products. Let’s pretend Target went completely cashier-less. Target would be gaining way more money because they don’t have to be worrying about or paying cashiers. All together Jeff has sparked up controversy from his new technology to not donating to relief funds. Others believe that we need to open our eyes to how Jeff Bezos will permanently ruin our economy and future.

Overall, Amazon seems to be threatening our good-paying jobs for cashier-less technology. As much as we Americans want better technology and are working very hard each day to learn something new, we can cause much harm.