U. S. States See Rise in Covid-19 Cases After Thanksgiving Holiday


Joslyn Varkey, Staff Writer

After Thanksgiving gatherings, many states have reported surges in Covid-19 cases leaving many with growing concerns regarding Christmastime festivities.

In certain states with an excessive case number, such as Vermont and New Jersey, health officials are theorising that those who were infected due to traveling or indoor gatherings for Thanksgiving holiday are contributing greatly to the current rise in cases. Some particularly hard hit areas were concentrated in the Northeast and an estimated 34 states have reported higher seven day averages for new cases in comparison to the averages before Thanksgiving holiday. Other health officials are blaming the cold weather, citing that cold weather forces people indoors where it is easier for viruses to spread.

Currently, the U. S. Seven day average for new cases is approximately 119,000 per day, a massive increase from the 71,000 in October. The U.S is also at an average of around 1,260 deaths caused by Covid-19 per day. This number was increased by an estimated 150 after the Thanksgiving holiday. Data also shows that hospitalization has increased overall and has been climbing since November. Governors in New Hampshire and Maine are deploying National Guard troops to aid hospital staff after experiencing record case numbers involving hospitalization in their states. So far, Omicron has not been a massive player in these cases. Data being reported is showing that the Delta variant is still the most present in the majority of cases.

With Christmas festivities a little under a fortnight away, U.S. officials are encouraging citizens to get vaccinated and to get their booster shots. Health officials also suggested citizens know the vaccination status of the people they choose to celebrate with and to use rapid tests and wear masks. New York Governor Kathy Hochul said on Friday that citizens of New York needed to wear masks in public indoor areas if vaccination is not required in those places. This initiative is set to take action on Monday. Last Christmas resulted in a surge of Covid-19 cases as well. It had the U.S. suffering through a record week of 26,000 Covid-19 deaths. Health officials are hoping to prevent this surge from happening again this Christmas.

To avoid a resurgence following Christmas festivities, health officials are encouraging everyone to wear masks while in public indoor areas and to get their vaccine and be aware of the vaccination of those around them. By adhering to these suggested rules, hopefully the U.S. will be able to avoid the disaster of last year’s Christmas. Stay safe and happy holidays.