The Soph-Hop Does Not Disappoint


Olivia Yee, Staff Writer

After a long period of remote learning and COVID 19 restrictions, school dances are finally re-emerging! This was the first Soph Hop since the pandemic and it certainly was not a let down.

The Soph- Hop took place on 3/25 with the theme of Glittering Galaxy. The back gym was fully decked out in intergalactic decorations, along with a DJ and food bar. The food buffet ranged from Chipotle to Dominic’s chicken tenders which were picked on behalf of the class vote. The Class of 2024 and their advisors put on their best looks, sporting button down shirts and mini dresses. With such an enthusiastic crowd, the dance floor was filled with dancing and laughter. The DJ did not fail to do his part, as he played some well liked songs such as “Dior” by Pop Smoke and “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles! These highly energetic songs got the students jumping and cheering for more. Needless to say, the night was a success, and all credit must go to the class board. The wonderful board put together this theme and spent hours decorating the back gym, not to mention the months of planning ahead.

This night was one to remember and the sophomores will now have a memory of their first high school dance! We hope to see more for the school community