What is your favorite class?


During the week of Halloween, I took a poll of random 7th graders. The poll they took was on their favorite classes in FPM so far. They were given the choices; Math, Science, Social studies, English, Language (Spanish, French, Italian), Health, Home economics, or another class not listed. Overall, most students chose math. The runner ups were gym, health, English and science. There were very few students who enjoyed any Romance language and Home Ec and even less students who liked no class.

For the third week of November, I interviewed multiple seniors on their favorite classes throughout their years in FPM. The most popular class among them was Social Studies and English. The second most popular classes were Art, Science, and music classes such as Chorus, Band, and Orchestra. Some even put in specific science classes like Environmental science and Marine Bio. The least popular classes were Math and Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian). However there were some classes that weren’t picked at all, like health and gym.