Omicron Variant Complicates the Covid Landscape


Emma Mathew, Junior High Staff Writer

Almost as a swift warning against Covid prevention complacency, a new variant has come down upon us from the heavens to remind us, once and for all, to wear our masks above our nose and that maybe we shouldn’t take that trip to Disney World. That’s right ladies and gents, the Omicron variant is here and boy has it made an entrance.

First reported on November 24, 2021 in South Africa, Omicron has reared its ugly head and made itself known to the public. Our fun new friend is three times more likely to cause reinfection, and the president of South Africa himself has tested positive for Covid. Cases of Omicron have been found in the US, including the lovely Empire State we all know and love.

In all seriousness, what should we do to protect ourselves from this new variant? Now, before you down your ivermectin, I’m here to tell you that what public health officials have recommended largely parallels what we already know. Wear your masks. Above your nose. Yes, Floral Park Memorial, this is for you specifically. I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times before, but wearing a mask below your nose is the equivalent to not wearing one at all. Winter is here, and spikes in respiratory illness have been clearly connected with these cold months. As always, vaccines are still the best way to fight off this variant and prevent death and severe symptoms. If you are eighteen or older, or even just a parent with unvaccinated children, I implore you to trust public health officials and please get vaccinated. And for those eighteen and up, remember to get your booster shots. The only way to hopefully get back to normal is by holding ourselves and each other accountable. Wash your hands, wear your mask (above your nose, I’m begging you), stay away from large gatherings, and social distance whenever possible. Stay safe this cold and flu season, and enjoy the holidays.